First Blog Post

Welcome to Southland.LA, a blog that covers both Angelenos and the .LA domain space that is available to Angelenos for business, personal, education, not-for-profit, etc.

What is an Angeleno?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines an Angeleno as, “A native or resident of Los Angeles, CA.”  Okay, we get the fact that residents of Los Angeles, CA, are known as Angelenos.  But, is that it?  Can eight words define an Angeleno?  Is there more that defines an Angeleno?  Possibly, but, we think the scope of that definition needs to be expanded significantly to truly grasp what makes up an Angeleno.  That’s where Southland.LA comes in.

Southland.LA is an humble attempt to create a canvas that will bring together various sights and sounds of Angelenos and the .LA domain space that, in turn, will allow us to go beyond mere words to begin to appreciate the amazing spirit, wide diversity, and endless creativity of Angelenos.  It’s a compelling story that deserves a big canvas.  We think Southland.LA will be that canvas.

Please be patient with us as we begin to ramp up.  Like any new project, it takes time, energy, and resources to go from concept to reality.  Like any new website, it takes time to learn how to find, edit, and post compelling content.  We’ll likely stumble as we progress, but, we’ll learn from our lessons as we walk this remarkable journey into the hearts and souls of Angelenos and the .LA domain space in Los Angeles, CA, i.e., the Southland.  Buckle up, put your tray tables in their upright position, and enjoy the ride.

Special thanks to and for their amazing photos.  The photo on this page is from Joe Cooke via who took this amazing picture of a skateboarder at Venice, CA.

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